Instructions – Workshop Attendees

Welcome to Cascadia Viols.

To access workshop material you will have to login to the Cascadia Viols website as a member. These instructions will walk you through the process:

Logging In

  1. Open your favorite web browser and go to
  2. On the lower right of the page (you may have to scroll the page up) there is a login form that looks like:

  1. Enter the user name that you were given in the Username field.
  2. Enter the password that you were given in the Password field.
  3. Select the Remember Me checkbox if you want the login information to be remembered the next time you come to this page.
  4. Selecting Login will login you into the site and take you to the Workshop Material page. It should look something like:

Viewing and downloading workshop material

  1. Select the workshop you will be attending by clicking on the folder with the date and name of the workshop. An example is:

There a several things to note in this:

The breadcrumb (Start>>2018-05-05 Shira Kammen) is in the upper left corner and shows you the list of folders you are in. It can be used to change folders by clicking on the Start or any folder name.

The Previous folder entry in the list of contents. It can be used to go to the parent folder.

The upper right corner has search, settings (the wheel), and refresh buttons.

  1. To look at a document click on the name of the document (such as Verbonnet tenor in treble clef.pdf above) or hover the mouse to the left of the checkbox on the right-hand side of the line and select either Preview or Preview (new window). This looks like:

  1. You can download either the single document by selecting the Download item in the previous image or you can download this folder and all documents and child folders by selecting Download all (.zip) from the Settings button in the upper right corner as shown in the following:

Viewing the Membership Roster

  1. To view the Membership Roster select the Members menu in the menu bar and then the Membership Data menu item. This is in the upper right of the screen and shown in the following image.

    1. Selecting just the Members item in the menu bar (without selecting a submenu item) takes you to the Members page which contains a link to these instructions, the Workshop Material and Membership Data. Selecting the Membership Data item takes you to the folder browser for membership data.

    1. Selecting the Membership rosters folder takes you to the current membership roster. Select the membership roster or download it using the techniques described for working with Workshop material.