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A message from Allison Crum providing opportunities for learning and enjoying:

I have been asked to do two online events for Benslow Music in late April, and hope very much that you might attend one or both of them, or (for the teachers amongst you) encourage some of your students to come!

The first is a concert with me and Roy, on Monday 26th April at 8pm UK time, as part of the Lute Fest series of concerts, set up after the Benslow Lute Fest course was cancelled.

We will actually be there at Benslow (for the first time in 15 months – but still without audience) and it will be live streamed directly. It will be a variation on our Renaissance Spagna in the Works programme, which many of you have heard before, but including a few ’new’ old pieces, and maybe even some different interpretations!

More details can be found using this link, and there is also booking button on the home page of my website.

The second event is another viol workshop on Zoom, on Thursday 29th April, at 2pm UK time. This time I will be looking at one five-part Jenkins fantasia in depth. 90 minutes of musical and technical considerations including some aspects of all the parts, so if you want to play all three sizes of viol you can swap around, or just play one size but follow along with all the details for other parts too. Music in score and parts will be provided and sent out in advance, but you can use your own if you prefer, after reading my notes on editions!

Again more details can be found on Benslow’s website using this link, and/or the button on my homepage.

Both these events will almost certainly be available afterwards from the Benslow website (for a fee) for those who cannot attend on the day, and participants will have free access to recordings to ‘listen again’. This might be especially useful for Pacific time people, since the workshop time would be far too early in the day unless you are a very early riser!

It would be lovely to see as many people as possible at either or both of these events. The workshop will allow time for a small amount of chat and/or questions. Please forward this info to anyone else who might be interested, especially any of those who come to our US workshops, but whose email contacts I dont have.


Having told you what I will be doing in a few weeks time, you might also be interested to know about various online concerts of viols and/or early music, played by various German and Swiss groups – some imminent, and some past but still available…

One of special interest is this Friday 26th, at 7pm UK time: the Orlando Consort (Germany), playing English music using a system called Ov-box which allows the players to hear each other with no delay, and studio quality sound, but without seeing each other… but the audience sees each player in a virtual music room…

I saw the first concert they did using this system last summer, and it was amazing.

The programme is called Hope of my Heart, and you can access it via their website  See attachment at the end of this mail. Several of our German amateur friends have been playing consort music up to three times a week using this Ov-box method, with great success! I know that some of you have been using Jamzekam and other methods.

Then on Sunday (28th), there is a concert of music from Odhecaton from Basel – part of a series called Re-Renaissance. Three weeks ago they did a concert of music from the Dow Part Books called Paper, Ink and Pen, and you can find details of the whole series (mostly still available to watch on YouTube) on their website – here is a link:   There is also an English version of the website… click the Union Jack!

Last weekend there was a concert of Josquin in Zurich (with some of the same players), with the four viol players using a matched set of renaissance viols. I have not heard this yet, but its still available on YouTube here:   with more info, programme etc for the concert here:

And finally, for some early English Music including many In Nomines and some very rarely (if ever?) performed pieces from the Baldwin Commonplace book, you can see a concert by Musicke and Mirth, live streamed from Bern in February and still on YouTube here:

For more details, programme etc see their website here:

Far too much information I am afraid, but I have been impressed with how many concerts are taking place in other countries! I am sure there have also been lots in the USA, but very often in the middle of our night…

All the Swiss and German concerts are free to watch – but they do all provide details for making donations too, including PayPal. I hope all the links work OK, and sorry if you got this message twice.

If you would rather not get any more of my very occasional mailings, please tell me…


Alison Crum