Resources – String and Instrument Makers

Aquila Strings Finest gut and synthetic strings – US Distributor – Curtis Daily
Boulder Early Music Shop Source for Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music, instruments, and accessories
Charlie Ogle Viola da Gamba Maker
Christopher English Bow Maker
David Kerr Violin Shop Instrument Maker & Resource
David T. Van Zandt Instrument Maker & Resource
Edward Maday Violin and Viol Maker
Francis Beaulieu Maker of fine viols and baroque instruments
Geesman Fine Violins Violin making since 1972
Harry Grabenstein Bowmaker
Jacob Mitas
Bow rehairing and adjustments
John Pringle Serving the early music world for 35 years
Ken Altman Bow Maker (in Silverton)
Kingham MTM Cases Ltd. Manufacturers of high quality musical instrument cases
Ralph Ashmead Maker of Historical Bows
Randy DeBay Handmade Violins
Sarah W.Peck Violin Restoration, Repair & Sales of Modern & Baroque
Thomas Oliver Croen Violin Maker
Thomas Mace Violin & Viol Maker