Setup – New Presenter

To create a new presenter account for a workshop the following steps must be performed:

  1. Go to Presenters page  and make sure there is a directory created for the presenter. The name of the directory must be the

FirstName LastName

  1. In the directory create a directory for the specific workshop. This directory is where the presenter will provide the files to the workshop administrator. The name of the directory must be

YYYY-MM-DD FirstName LastName

  1. Go to the Users Creation page in the Dashboard  and create a new user with the following information:

Username: FirstNameLastName
Email: enter email address
First Name: FirstName
Last Name: LastName
Password: CV-2018- followed by random 4 character code.
Send User Notification: Check or not depending on your desire
User Roles: check workshop_presenter



  1. Go to Pages and select Add New to create a new page of the name

Presenter FirstName LastName

  1. Go to the Ros Morley presenter page and copy the contents of the page (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C). Change to the new presenter page and paste the contents into that page (Ctrl-V). Change the RosMorley on the 3rd line to FirstNameLastName. Select the Dropbox image, click the pencil (to edit), select the Folders tab on the left side, and change the directory to the folder created in step 1.
  2. Go to the Presenter page and add to the line starting with [ members_access … . The end of the line is right before the next blank line (i.e. the text line may span multiple lines) (remove the space after both of the [:

[ members_access user_name=”FirstNameLastName“]<a href=””>FirstName LastName</a>[ /members_access]

The firstName and lastName are all lower case.

  1. In the Settings->Login/logout redirects in the Dashboard add the redirects for the new user in the Specific users section. The Login URL will be Note that the firstname and lastName will be all lower case. The Logout URL will be

The last step is to login as the user and make sure that:

  1. The login redirect opens the correct directory for the presenter.
  2. The Members menu only shows the Workshop Material and Presenter menu items.
  3. The Members->Presenter menu item opens the presenter page and shows ONLY the logged in presenters name. Clicking that link will take it to the correct directory for the presenter.
  4. Logout will take the page to the Home page of Cascadia Viols.