Join us for our next online workshop with Loren Ludwig

Lawes, Lawes, Lawes

Saturday January 13, 2024. 1-3PM

Free for Members | $15 for Non-Members

Registration required by January 11.

Let’s play some William Lawes! Safely muted in your home music rooms, participants will play along with iconic (as well as some exciting but lesser-known) recordings of five- and six-part consort music by the “Beethoven of Britain.” There will be less talking and more playing, and we’ll survey as much of this terrific music in excellent recordings as we can. Entirely risk free, this is an opportunity to “double” some of the finest consort players in the land as they tackle some of period’s richest and most delightful music. Geared to: all levels and instrument sizes welcome. Pitch: A=415

The Viola da Gamba in Oregon

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Our in-person workshops begin with the Grand Consort in the morning, where you’ll play one or two pieces with all workshop attendees. In the afternoon, you will be put into smaller groups based on your self-rated skill level. In both groups, you’ll have the opportunity to work on your ensemble skills.

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